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Every part of your garage door opening system has an essential role. When one part fails, it creates a domino effect of problems for your garage door and your home’s safety and integrity. One of the most vital garage door parts that allow it to function is the cables. Cables allow your garage door to operate seamlessly, so it can be anywhere from inconvenient to outright dangerous when they break. Keep reading this blog to learn more about the impact of broken garage door cables.

The Impact Of Broken Garage Door Cables

Many factors can result in broken garage door cables. Wear and tear over time can lead to them coming apart and snapping. Problems with springs and misaligned tracks can also shorten their lifespan. However, the most likely cause of broken garage door cables is excess friction resulting from damaged pulleys. With these causes in mind, take a closer look at the domino effect that can result from broken garage door cables:

1. Malfunctioning Springs

Just as problems with springs can lead to broken garage door cables, problems with garage door cables can result in damaged or broken springs. The cables serve as a bridge between your garage door and its springs, so any damage to that metaphorical bridge can prevent the springs from performing at their best. These two parts are so inextricably linked, so it’s essential to stay on top of keeping them both in working condition.

impact of broken garage door cables springs

2. Problematic Operation

Another impact of broken garage door cables is the way they can obstruct the operation of your garage door. You might find yourself dealing with a garage door that won’t budge or a garage door that’s stuck open. Neither situation is ideal since you want to be able to access your vehicle as needed, and you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable to intruders. For this reason, you need to call a garage door technician as soon as possible to replace your cables. 

3. Increased Danger

The increased danger is one of the most perilous impacts of broken garage door cables. Anything from personal property to your or your loved one’s physical well-being can be endangered by this broken garage door part. Broken garage door cables can lead to additional damage to other garage door parts and maybe cause the door to fall onto and ruin your vehicle or other items. Injuries resulting from a malfunctioning garage door are also a possibility if you or your loved ones aren’t careful. 

4. Expensive Maintenance

Speaking of property damage and personal injuries, you’ll also be facing expensive maintenance, repair, and even healthcare bills if you neglect to fix or replace your broken garage door cables. The longer you put off addressing any garage door problems, the more expensive the inevitable repairs will be. These expenses will only increase if you find yourself dealing with a garage door injury or a ruined vehicle. Addressing broken garage door cables sooner rather than later will save money, time, and pain.

Call Grand Garage Door Repair To Replace Your Broken Garage Door Cables!

The impact of broken garage door cables has been clearly illustrated in the four examples above. These situations really highlight the urgency of repairing and replacing broken garage door parts. You don’t want to wait too long before reaching out to a technician, or the results could be disastrous. 

When this happens, you’ll need to find a garage door repair service with experienced technicians who can easily diagnose the problem and provide the proper fixes. If you happen to live in Houston, you don’t need to look too hard for the best garage door repair service. All you need to do is contact us at Grand Garage Door Repair Houston, and we will return your garage door cables to working shape. 

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