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Without garage door cables, your garage door could barely open an inch. Doing your best to maintain this part of your garage door’s opening system ensures that every part can run smoothly. Of course, there are times when, despite your best efforts, a garage door cable can still get out of shape, keeping your garage door from functioning properly. Now you’re left wondering how to fix a garage door cable. You can read this blog to learn how to fix a garage door cable.

How To Fix A Garage Door Cable

For your safety, you should only fix a garage door cable yourself if you have prior experience performing garage door repairs. Otherwise, you should hire a garage door technician to complete this job. That said, knowing how to fix a garage door cable will help you understand the process, so you can know whether or not your garage door is in good shape after the repairs.

1. Diagnose The Problem

The first step in learning how to fix a garage door cable is to diagnose the problem. Is your garage door cable loose, or is it outright broken? This will help you determine what tools you’ll need and how to approach fixing your garage door cable.

how to fix a garage door cable diagnose

2. Gather The Right Tools

After examining the condition of your garage door cable, you’ll need to gather the proper tools to address the specific issue. If it’s a matter of fixing the cable, you’ll need a screwdriver, wrench, pliers, a ladder, clamps, gloves, safety glasses, and a ladder. You’ll also need to obtain a new cable if you need to replace the cable.

3. Secure The Garage Door

Once you have all the right tools, you’ll need to take the necessary safety precautions to avoid any injuries or accidents during this process. First, you’ll need to get your garage door into position before turning off and disconnecting the opener. Once that’s done, use clamps to secure the door.

4. Disconnect The Cable

This next step in how to fix a garage door cable requires you to disconnect it from the garage door’s frame. If they are cables that need replacing, you will then remove them completely. Otherwise, you will just disconnect the cables enough to readjust them as needed. 

5. Adjust The Cable

If a garage door cable is loose, you’ll need your pliers to help adjust it. Depending on what your cables need, you might also need a screwdriver and a winding bar to ensure the cables have just the right amount of tension to keep your door balanced while it moves. If the cables are broken, you’ll follow the next step instead of this one. 

6. Replace The Old Cable

If you have a broken garage door cable, you must carefully remove the old cable. Ensure the clamps are secure so the door doesn’t suddenly fall closed during this process. Follow the instructions provided by your user manual to install the new garage door cable.

7. Test The Garage Door

Whether you’ve adjusted or replaced the garage door cable, the final step in how to fix a garage door cable will remain the same in either case: testing the garage door. Once the cables and other parts are secure, remove the clamps and close the garage door gently. Afterward, reconnect your garage door opener and turn it back on, then open and close it a few times to examine how well it operates. 

Our Technicians Know How To Fix A Garage Door Cable!

Hopefully, knowing how to fix a garage door cable will help you feel more confident about leaving the process in the hands of an experienced technician. If you live in Houston, there’s no better service to hire for your garage door repairs than Grand Garage Door Repair Houston. Contact us today and return your garage to working condition.

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