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Unfortunately, most people do not put the amount of thought into their garage doors that they should. This appliance doesn’t seem important or high-maintenance, so many homeowners ignore its existence. When they do this, they do not realize the negative effects that accumulate based on their decision not to maintain and care for their garage door. That is why we want to encourage you to take care of your appliance and educate yourself about the benefits of doing so. One of the most important things you can do to start is to insulate your garage door. But before you can do that, you need to know why you should do that. You should also know the best garage door insulation available. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about garage door insulation! 

Why Is Garage Door Insulation Important? 

Maybe you are skeptical about garage door insulation. Maybe it doesn’t seem all that important. Well, it is. Here are four benefits of installing insulation for your appliance that might change your mind: 

1. Energy Savings

If your garage is attached to your home, then air from your HVAC system is likely escaping through it. During hotter weather, you are losing the coolness from your AC unit. During colder weather, you are losing the hot air that your body desperately craves as temperatures drop. Naturally, this affects your comfort. But more importantly, it affects your HVAC system. When the temperature cannot be regulated easily in your home, your HVAC system has to labor harder. This results in less energy efficiency, which is bad news for your wallet. The harder your HVAC system works, the more money you’re going to spend to keep it running. 

2. Added Durability 

Garage doors are not delicate, but that does not mean they are immune from damage. They get bumped by cars, pummelled by rocks that shoot out from lawnmowers, and dented by hail depending on the area where you live. If you want to avoid constant maintenance and repairs, you can strengthen your garage door with insulation. Garage door insulation helps reinforce your appliance and keep it safe. 

A green wood garage door reinforced by the best garage door insulation

3. Quieter Movements 

Garage doors are noisy. They rattle, creak, and groan when they open and close. This is fine during the day, but it can be a problem at night when you have different members coming and going at ungodly hours, which can affect early birds’ sleep schedules. Thankfully, insulation helps your garage door operate more quietly. This will benefit everyone in your household. Early birds can get some rest, and night owls can come home without having to worry about waking anyone. 

Best Garage Door Insulation For Your Appliance 

Now you know why garage door insulation is important. Next, we can move on to the best garage door insulation for your appliance. There are two main types of garage door insulation, polystyrene and polyurethane. Polystyrene comes in thin, hard boards. Polyurethane comes in foam. Which sounds better? You might be surprised to know that foam insulation is the better option. Polyurethane is the best garage door insulation because it provides maximum climate control and energy efficiency. 

How Do You Insulate a Garage Door? 

You have three options when insulating your garage door. First, you can pick up a DIY kit from your local hardware store. These are easy to use and work with, as they are meant for homeowners with no prior experience. Second, you can hire a professional to insulate your existing garage door. Finally, you can purchase a pre-insulated garage door. The choice is yours. You can make the decision based on your DIY capabilities and your budget. 

We Can Help With Garage Door Insulation! 

As you can see, insulating your garage door has many benefits. It is almost more expensive not to insulate your garage door in the long run when you consider rising utility costs. But if you are unsure about DIYing installation or can’t decide what the best option is for you, don’t worry. You can always consult our team for assistance. Contact Grand Garage Door Repair Houston today for assistance! 

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