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When your garage door cables are broken, it is vital to repair or replace them as soon as possible. Neglecting broken garage door cables can have disastrous and expensive results, from poor garage door operation to physical harm. What you may not realize is that there are different types of garage door cables, allowing for multiple garage door cable replacement options. Learn more about these replacement options by reading this blog. 

4 Garage Door Cable Replacement Options

When exploring garage door cable replacement options, you’ll also be diving into the different kinds of cables utilized by your garage door beyond the ones that connect your garage door to its spring system. Without further ado, here are the four garage door cable replacement options:

1. Extension Spring Lifting Cables

If your garage door utilizes extension springs, you’ll need to find lifting cables tailored to work with extension springs. These springs connect the cables to the bottom of the garage door and are hooked to the horizontal tracks. This spring system is found in garage doors that have limited headroom. When these cables are broken, the springs cannot properly stretch to the extent that’s necessary for effective garage door operation. 

2. Torsion Spring Lifting Cables

The next type of lifting cable used by a garage door is controlled by torsion springs. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs are wrapped around drums, allowing them to wind instead of stretch when the garage door is in motion. This spring system is used with garage doors that have sufficient headroom. Broken cables will keep torsion springs from being able to unwind properly. If your garage door operates on torsion springs, finding the correct lifting cables is paramount. 

3. Safety Cables

The next of the garage door cable replacement options is safety or retaining cables. This type of cable works as a failsafe measure for garage doors that run on extension springs. Specifically, they keep the garage door from completely collapsing when an extension spring snaps. If you have a garage door that uses an extension spring system, you want to ensure that your safety cables, if broken, are replaced right away.

4. Emergency Release Cables

Finally, emergency release cables are absolutely vital, especially in dire situations. These cables serve as a manual override and backup to your automatic opener. If your home loses power and you need to go somewhere, you can manually open your garage door with the emergency release cable. You don’t want to find yourself without power but unable to leave your home due to a broken emergency release cable, so ensure this cable gets replaced promptly to avoid the worst-case scenario. 

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Our Grand Garage Door Repair Technicians Will Replace Your Garage Door Cables In No Time!

These four garage door cable replacement options are worth keeping in mind, especially if any of these parts end up broken or irreparable. While it might seem cost-effective to replace your garage door cables yourself, you might actually end up paying more for follow-up repairs to address any mistakes you could make. That’s why, whether you’re replacing your lifting, safety, or emergency release cables, your best option is to hire a professional garage door technician. 

To avoid further problems, reach out to a garage door technician the moment something is amiss with your garage door. While finding a reliable technician is not easy, you can consider yourself lucky if you live in Houston. Our Grand Garage Door Repair team is already the most trustworthy service in your city, whether you need to replace your broken cables or fix the opening system. Contact us today, and we will replace your garage door cables in no time. 

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