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There’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than watching floodwaters continue to rise, inching closer and closer to your property. When the rain starts coming under your garage door, it can definitely increase that anxiety since water could enter your home next. While the thought of rain coming under your garage door may not seem like a big deal, it can actually lead to an array of future problems. These potential problems include, but are not limited to, mold, rust, and many others. Luckily you can learn how to stop rain from coming under garage door by checking out the following six ideas.

Replace Your Weatherstripping

One way to go about how to stop rain from coming under garage door is to check your garage door’s weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is installed to prevent water and other debris from entering your garage during severe weather. If your garage door doesn’t have weatherstripping, purchase and install some as soon as possible. If your garage door is already weather-sealed, check for any tears, scratches, wear, or breaks. Seeing any of these means, it’s time to replace your garage door weatherstripping. Replacing the seals on your garage door will ensure no rainwater slips into your garage.

Install A Rain Barrier

You can reinforce your weatherstripping by installing a rain barrier. A rain barrier is also known as a rain guard, rain deflector, or flood guard. A rain barrier stops rain from coming under your garage door by placing it in front of your garage door to block any rain or flood water from entering your garage in the first place.

Garage Door Gutters

Installing guttering around your garage door is another way to approach how to stop rain from coming under garage door. Just as gutters prevent water from seeping into your roof or other parts of your home, they can easily do the same for your garage door. Obtaining gutters to protect your garage from rainwater involves installing your gutters so they are directed away from the garage.

how to stop water from coming under garage door

Trench Drain

If you’ve ever opened a history book, you are probably familiar with using trenches in defensive warfare. A trench drain provides that same defense against rainwater entering your garage. A trench drain is most useful if your garage is downward in relation to your yard instead of above it. By installing a trench drain, you can ensure that the rainwater is directed away from your garage towards another area.

Build A Sandbag Barricade

A very easy way to rainproof your garage door is to create a sandbag barricade. As the name suggests, this method involves lining sandbags up against your garage door to absorb rainwater and keep it from entering the garage. A sandbag barricade doesn’t require professional assistance to build, making it ideal if you want to save time and money. That said, it can also be a great reinforcement in addition to present rainproofing in your garage door. 


Adding more plants and shrubbery to your front yard landscaping can also be an excellent way to approach how to stop from coming under garage door. Including just the right amount of foliage will allow water to be absorbed easily, reducing the chance of rain getting into your garage. However, be careful about the plants you choose, as ones with large roots can destroy the foundation of your home.

Grand Garage Door Repair Houston Will Weather Any Storm!

Hopefully, you are more confident about how to stop rain from coming under garage door. These six tips should help keep your garage free of water damage. If you live in Houston, you don’t need to waste time finding professionals to weatherproof your garage. Contact us at Grand Garage Door Repair Houston so your home can weather any storm. 

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