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Lately, you’ve noticed a funky smell permeating your garage. When you find the time to do so, you decide to inspect your garage for the potential source and are dismayed to find the culprit: mold or mildew. You might be wondering how this could happen. 

The most likely scenario is that rain or floodwater got into your garage through the garage door and was left to sit until it led to mold. The good news is that there is a way to prevent such an occurrence from happening in the future: getting a garage door rain barrier. Today, we will tell you how to install this barrier so you can keep your garage in safe, working condition.

What Is A Garage Door Rain Barrier?

A garage door rain barrier, also known as a rain guard or rain deflector, is an extra layer of protection from rain or floodwater seeping into your home’s garage. While water getting into your garage may not sound like a big deal, leaving water to pool in your garage leads to mold or mildew growth. These mold or mildew growths not only damage your garage; they can also lower an already precarious state of air quality in your garage if untreated. 

If water gets in your garage, you must dry it as soon as possible. Once dry, invest in keeping your garage more waterproof than before with a garage door rain barrier. Let’s look at how to install one to prevent any potential water damage in your garage.


1. Make Room In Your Budget For A Rain Barrier

Like any future investment, you want to make sure you have the means to pay for it, and this mindset is applicable when it comes to a garage door rain barrier. Research how much they typically cost and evaluate if there is any money to spare on purchase and any help you might need with installation. If not, make a plan to build your budget so you can buy the best rain barrier for your garage door with little stress.

garage door rain barrier budget


2. Find The Right Garage Door Rain Barrier

When purchasing a rain barrier, you don’t want to order the first available one you see, only to be disappointed when it ends up being incompatible with your garage door. It’s important to make sure that the rain barrier you purchase will work with your garage door. The right garage door rain barrier will bear the most results in keeping your garage waterproof.


3. Position The Rain Barrier At The Bottom Front Of Your Garage Door

When you receive the rain barrier, you want to ensure it can be positioned for optimal effectiveness. You want to make sure the rain barrier is positioned at the bottom front of your garage door. This placement is intended to deflect any water from your garage door, sending it in a different direction.


4. Secure The Rain Barrier

Lastly, make sure the rain barrier is installed securely. A garage door rain barrier won’t be worth all the effort if it isn’t secure enough to withstand rising water. Every rain barrier is manufactured differently, so consult your user manual to secure it during installation. Your user manual will be your best resource in successfully installing a garage door rain barrier.


We Will Weatherproof Your Garage Door!

A garage door rain barrier will save you from extensive water damage to your garage. A rain barrier is just one of many ways to weatherproof your garage door. If you want to give your garage the best weather protection possible, contact us today at Metal Garage Door Repair to get started.

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