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Most everyone who owns a garage is happy to have it. Garages provide useful, versatile space. Not only can you store one or more of your cars, but you can also have a place for other items you do not have room for in the house. For instance, what would you do with all of the inflatable holiday decorations, old blankets, stacks of newspapers, magazine collections, etc., if you didn’t have a separate space for it apart from your home? There’s no denying that garages are a wonderful and helpful convenience. But that being said, garages come with problems of their own, especially when it comes to the door. For instance, sometimes your garage door won’t open, no matter what you do. Is that the case with you? Here are five reasons why your garage door won’t open! 

1. Your Remote Needs New Batteries 

Sometimes, the answer to this problem is simpler than people realize. Many people panic when their door stops working, assuming that there is a serious issue with the appliance that will require an expensive fix. While the reason for a garage door not opening could be serious, there is a chance that your remote just needs new batteries. Try replacing the batteries in your remote or clicker. If that doesn’t work, at least you tried! 

2. Your Garage Door Has Become Disconnected 

There is another easy solution behind your garage door not opening. Your garage door opener could have become disconnected from its power source. This can happen if someone trips over the cord and does not realize it resulted in its being pulled from the wall. Or perhaps one of your family members disconnected the power cord because they were cleaning or moving something, and then they forgot about it. Before you panic, go make sure that your garage door opener is plugged in. If it isn’t, you’ve solved the problem without needing to call an expert for help! 

A white garage door that won't open

3. One Of Your Garage Door Springs Has Snapped 

Another common reason that your garage door won’t open is because of a snapped cable. Your garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds. Your garage door springs provide the opening system with the strength it needs to balance the appliance as it moves up and down. But when one of those springs breaks, then the opening system will not be able to raise your door. If you heard any loud noises coming from your garage before you noticed the problem, it could have been the sound of your spring breaking. Check your door and see if this is the issue. If it is, it is crucial that you hire a professional for help. It is dangerous to try to replace a garage door spring on your own. 

4. Your Cable Has Snapped 

Cables work in tandem with the springs to help pull your garage door up and lower it down. Cables also are prone to snapping when they get older. If that’s the case, you will experience the same problems you would with a broken spring. If your springs look like they are in good shape, examine your cables while you are at it. 

5. Something Is Wrong With Your Garage Door Tracks 

Your garage door tracks must be straight and bolted down tightly for your appliance to be able to travel up and down them. Unfortunately, sometimes tracks become bent or misaligned. The problem may be slight at first, but it will slowly get worse until your garage door can no longer move. Check for any signs of damage or looseness around your tracks to determine whether they are the problem. 

We Know What To Do When a Garage Door Won’t Open! 

Have you diagnosed the issue behind why your garage door won’t open, but you don’t feel you are able to implement a DIY solution? Or perhaps you still haven’t figured out why your appliance is malfunctioning. Either way, you can rely on the team at Grand Garage Door Repair Houston for help. Contact us today

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