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Your business is an important part of your life. Not only is it your livelihood, but it is also your passion as well. Many entrepreneurs cannot imagine a life without building, growing, and selling. Naturally, your goal is to stay on top of your affairs. Likely, you make sure that accounts are settled, employees are doing their jobs, and clients are happy. But how much thought do you put into the upkeep of your building? It’s easy to neglect the physical aspects of your property as a business owner. After all, you have so many other things to think about. While it’s tempting to neglect your property, we encourage you not to, especially your commercial garage door. Learn how to care for your commercial garage door in our blog! 

Tips For Commercial Garage Door Care 

Are you ready to learn about commercial garage door care? If not, let us emphasize how important this maintenance is. Commercial garage doors are often heavier than residential appliances. That makes them more dangerous if they fall or break while workers are nearby. Considering that these doors can weigh up to 600 pounds, they can cause serious injury. As a business owner, you are liable to keep your workspace safe. Unless you want to deal with workman’s compensation and legal cases, it is essential that you keep up with garage door maintenance

Are you worried about whether maintenance can fit into your business’s tight budget? Don’t worry. There are a lot of maintenance tasks for your commercial garage door that you can perform on your own. Here are five tips to get you started! 

1. Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Balanced 

Your appliance needs to be properly balanced. If it is imbalanced, it will reduce the functionality of the door. Over time, an imbalanced garage door causes wear and tear on the parts of your opening system. Thankfully, it is easy to check if your garage door is imbalanced and prevent these other maintenance issues. All you need to do is disconnect the appliance from the garage door opener. Then roll it up manually part way. If your door moves at all, either up or down, then you need to have a professional rebalance it. 

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2. Ensure Your Appliance Is Protected Against the Weather 

Garage doors are exposed to all sorts of weather year-round. To prevent the elements from taking their toll, it is important to invest in the proper tools. Weatherstripping around the sides, bottom, and top of your door should be installed and inspected regularly for wear. You also must clean your door regularly and repaint it when necessary, especially if your appliance is made of metal. Steel garage doors are vulnerable to corrosion from moisture and salt, making this maintenance step crucial during the winter. 

Cleaning and repainting are simple tasks. To clean a garage door, you can use a hose to spray it down, or you can scrub it with a soft cloth and some soapy water. Repainting can also be done as a DIY project. After you clean your door, let it dry, then apply a primer and latex exterior paint. It’s as simple as that! 

3. Lubricate Where Necessary 

The moving parts of your garage door need lubrication to function properly. Areas like your rollers, springs, and cables will benefit from lubrication every few months or so. This ensures everything works together smoothly, preventing wear and tear. 

4. Perform a Visual and Auditory Inspection 

Did you know that being observant is an easy way to maintain your commercial garage door? Oftentimes, you can tell that your door is in good condition by looking over the parts daily and listening for problems. Check for fraying in your cables, wear on your springs, chipped rollers, and bent or loose hardware. As for auditory issues, ensure that your door is not squeaking, screeching, grinding, banging, or rumbling.  

We Work With Commercial Garage Doors! 

Hopefully, we have been able to emphasize the importance of maintaining your appliance and show you that caring for commercial garage doors is easy. All you need to do is be consistent and responsible, and your appliance should last for a long time. But if you still experience problems with your door after following our maintenance tips, it may be time to call a professional. Feel free to reach out to Grand Garage Door Repair Houston for all of your repair needs! We are here to help. 

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