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With a recent trend in black garage doors, we are sure you may have thought about having one yourself, right? Maybe you love the contrast that having a black garage door can bring. Or maybe you are in need of a new garage door and are seeking out what options there are. Whatever it may be, there is a reason, liking, and desire to have black garage doors!

Going through the ideas of what a black garage door could look like can lead to a vast amount of questions to be answered. For instance, “What materials can I get?” “What styles work with a garage door that’s black?” “How can I make a black garage door stand out?”. So let’s go over them! Keep reading our informative blog to get your questions answered.

Common Materials Used For Black Garage Doors

With an increase in people wanting black garage doors, you may have noticed another trend in the material that houses these garage doors. It could be that you see most of these garage doors made out of steel. But did you know that there are a few more materials that can be used? This means that your design may vary depending on the material you want. So let’s go over common materials for black garage doors.


Black garage door that is made out of steel

Steel is one of the most common materials used for a garage door. This is mainly due to the flexibility and durability that it provides. However, like all things, there are pros and cons to this material. Some pros are that steel requires low maintenance, is durable, and allows for various styling options. The cons, however, are that steel is not a natural insulator, it has moderate resistance to dents, and scratches may result in rust.


Black garage door around white framing and a red roof

While aluminum is a common material for garage doors, it is used lesser than steel. This can be due to the pros and cons listed with aluminum. The pros to aluminum are that it is lighter than steel, making it easier to install and aiding in the longevity of your garage door springs and tracks. In addition, aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Let’s not forget the cons. The cons are that since aluminum is lighter than steel, it is less durable. In addition, harsh heat can impact the durability of your garage door.


Black garage door with glass sections

While glass garage doors are rare to see, they are still an option. Typically, you can find a glass garage door with aluminum counterparts. Although you already know the pros and cons of an aluminum garage door, let’s go over the glass portion. The pros to a glass garage door are that you get natural lighting and an increase in curb appeal and resale value. However, the cons are privacy issues, lower durability, care and cleaning needs, and insulation rating. In addition, the cost of a glass door can be roughly two times more expensive than a steel counterpart.

Style Inspirations That Work With Black Garage Doors

Now that you know about some different materials and the pros and cons that follow along, you may be thinking about styling. Maybe you thought, “What style can I match this to?” Well, that is an excellent question that we can answer!


Modern may be the first style to come across when thinking about what style works with black garage doors. Black garage doors, no matter the material or decorative hardware you add, can always fit into the modern style.


Black garage doors on a farmhouse home

For some, the farmhouse style may not even cross your mind. This can be due to the fact that most people correlate farmhouse style with all-white. However, having a black garage door can help add more dynamic to this type of design. Just check out this awesome farmhouse-style house with a black garage door!


The contemporary style is most associated with whites, neutrals, and wood tones. However, just like the farmhouse style, the contemporary style also works perfectly with black garage doors

Style Your Black Garage Door With Our Team’s Help! 

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